Virgin Islands 2004



The Crew

From left to right - Pege, Anna-Mae, Terry, Michelle (ducking), John (sitting), Stale (standing), Chris, Barb.

Dinner at Craig & Sally's

John & Pege

Dinner at Craig & Sally's

Michelle, Terry, and Anna-Mae

Turtle in Leinster Bay

First day - first wildlife

Capt. relaxes

Got to the first anchorage

John relaxing

A good book, a stogie, and a reward.

Leinster Bay

Michelle & Terry

Capt. on the bow

Wenches on bow

First of many beautiful sunsets

Seagull takes a cracker

Coming in for more

Breakfast at Jolly Roger

Soper's Hole Tortola

Our first Pusser's Painkillers

Team drink!

Leaving Soper's Hole

John & Terry

Leading us to Cane Garden Bay

Terry & Michelle

Rhymer's Beach Bar at Cane Garden Bay

The two Captains

Walter Caldwell - Capt of No Grief & me

These two are actually discussing WORK!

Getting the hair braided again

There is much less of it this trip though

The results

Barbeque being prepared at Elm's Beach Bar

This couple did not belong to us.

But there's a Mastercard commercial in their future.

Sun sets over the BVI Music Fest

Cane Garden Bay

BVI Music Festival


Anybody have a breatholizer?

Our boat in Cane Garden Bay

The morning after

All is quiet

Boats underway in Foxy's Wooden Boat Regatta

They came in all shapes...

and sizes...

and colors...

and did I mention all sizes?

Soggy Dollar Beach bar - White Bay Jost Van Dyke

Home of the Painkiller

Leaving White Bay

If the old wooden boat can sail so can the old wooden dinghy

Gives a new meaning to hanging on the hook

Yes, this boat has a blender.

What did she say?

Foxy gets award for hosting regatta

John discusses music with the band

Or was it beer?

Waiting for dinner at Foxy's

The crew of No Grief stops by for a visit

No Grief underway in "the race"

Kite flying off the back of our boat

No wonder we lost the race

Bitter End Yacht Club

Bitter End Yacht Club

Saba Rock

First sighting of Anegada

Anegada's outer marker

A rum drink toast to our friends back home

Look at the size of that lobster

Arriving for dinner at Neptune's Treasure Anegada

Sunrise in Anegada

The whole group at the top of The Baths.

From the top of The Baths

Best view of the trip

Girl we met from Kemah area.

Entering Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor

Sunset at Trellis Bay

Dinner at The Last Resort

Trellis Bay

Does he want the carrot or the cigar?

Shopping frenzy

Double rainbow

Trellis Bay

Beach trail at Cooper Island

Beach bar at Cooper Island

On to the next bar


Peter Island resort

Now that's a fancy beach bar

Peter Island resort beach on Deadman's Bay

Sunfish and wind surfer lessons

Drinking again

Footprints in the sand

Driving to Norman Is. during the storm

The Willy T.

Mega Yacht

Mega Yacht folks going to Willy T.

Drinking at The Willy T

And if you drink too much at The Willy T...

The Willy T menu says it all.

Not your average kitchen tool

Did I mention the water is blue blue blue?


Why disturb the peace with the motor?

Contemplating life

Hurricane Hole

South side of St. John

Capt. letting AUTO drive

Shirt says it all.

Who took the photographer's picture?

Shopping in St. John

Birds at The Mongoose restaurant

Big yacht with 5 security guys


Last night's sunset

Donkeys ashore at Maho Bay St. John

Our flags

Returning to Charlotte Amalie

Do we have to go home?

Fueling in Crown Bay

Back at CYOA

Until next time