Bottom of dinghy after a month in Jolly Harbor water

Hermitage at Five Islands, Antigua

Approaching Nevis from the east

Barb's McGuyver fix to the water ingress

Sagitta anchored right behind our mooring

Sunshine's and Chevy's on the beach. Lime is behind them.

Dormant volcano that dominates Nevis

View from mooring towards Charlestown

Breakfast at Nevis Bakery

One of the five Anglican churches

Vendor shops amongst the ancient graves in the old Jewish Cemetery

Peacock wandering the street

Alexander Hamilton House

Alexander Hamilton House

Monument along beach road

Blue Bell ice cream in Nevis!

The Patio Bar

The $5 monkey at Sunshine's

Enjoying ourselves despite Sunshine's

Plate at Sunshine's

Heat exchanger from old ship

Plant I have dubbed the Red Rasta Plant

Old graves at Anglican church

View over Four Seasons to mooring field

Chasing goats on tour

What happens when the wind always blows the same way

Sugar mill museum attempt

Sugar mill workers

Kapoc tree at Golden Rock Estate

Golden Rock Estate greenery

Golden Rock Estate greenery

Golden Rock Estate greenery

Golden Rock Estate - one dining room

Golden Rock Estate sitting room

Golden Rock Estate office

Reflecting pools at Golden Rock Estate

Fish in reflecting pool

Montpelier Plantation

Site of Nelson's marriage

Banyan tree under which Nelson allegedly proposed

Hot baths

Testing the water

No caption necessary

Future doctors at Chevy's

Local doing what locals do best

Lime on da Beach

The shoes that got left behind

Interesting tree combination

Lime on da Beach

The full Lime Restaurant

I don't know my classics well enough to indentify her, but she was pretty.

Sailing into the sun

Seabbatical under a rarely clear Nevis peak

Seabbatical under a rainbow with Nevis peak gone

Seabbatical and Nevis peak at sunrise

Our odd course under tow into Whitehouse Bay

The Circus, Basseterre, St. Kitts

St. Kitts National Museum

Jan & Teri's plunge pool on the balcony

View from Jan & Teri's

Flying water jet guy

Our friends on Shian arriving in Simpson Bay Lagoon

Lots of big boats coming in Lagoon bridge

One of the big boats passing through the bridge

Big boat named Touch

Their tender named Nice Touch

Cat at bar at Orient Beach

At the Bikini Bar Orient Beach

Mike & Lynn at the Bikini Bar

Racing small boats inside the lagoon

Marigot mailboxes

Setting up the street vendors in Marigot

Parade in Marigot

Parade in Marigot

Parade in Marigot

Forrest of mast waiting for inbound bridge