A short story of my life so far….

I was born in Canton, Ohio in August 1956 and lived there for 27 years.  My parents (Jim and Mary Helen Wilson) and a Sister (Mary Lou Royer) still live in the Canton area.  I have a brother (Jim) in the Norfolk Virginia area and another Sister (Diane Van Horne) who lives in Fort Walton Beach Florida.  I have an 18-year-old son (Aaron) who will graduate this year (2005) from Dulles High School in Sugarland, TX.  He has been taking flying lessons for just about a year now and really enjoys it. 


I have been married and divorced twice and have been working in the computer industry since 1976.  I’ve chased either my, or my ex-husband’s, career from Ohio to Texas to New Orleans and back to Texas for the last 28 years… It’s time for a change of scenery.


 I met Chris in 1999 when I went to work for BMC Software.  Chris found me reading cruising logs one day at work and asked if I wanted to go sailing.  I’d only been on 1 other sailboat my entire life and thought it would be fun so I said yes.  I got hooked really quickly. Chris says I pick up things about sailing and the boat really fast and we seem to be very compatible.  Based on past experiences with men, I was use to being the brunt of frustrations, but not with Chris.  He’s a very knowledgeable and patient teacher and friend.  I spend just about every weekend in Kemah on the boat and it’s like my second home.


Chris also introduced me Jimmy Buffett and the Parrothead world and we are both very active in the Galveston Bay Parrothead Club


After we did our first charter in the British Virgin Islands I was REALLY hooked on the cruising life style.  The first time I saw blue water was from the airplane coming in to St Thomas.  I was so antsy in the seat and I couldn’t take my eyes off the view out the window. 


Once Chris started talking about retiring and cruising full time I was all for it.  Now comes the time to start thinking about selling my house and belongings and downsizing to a boat size space. 


Definitely looking forward to the next stage of life.