Teri & Britt from Sea Otter, and Tom from Lone Star

Megan's Bay from Mountain Top

The ladies at Mountain Top. BVI in distance.

About to board Sweetest Thing

Does he look happy to be on the water?

Table set for our first dinner aboard.

This doesn't suck

First evening's dinner.

Chef Ian serving poached pears for dessert.

Our one day of sailing

The Baths from the boat.

Singer Micheal Beans' boat at The Baths

Snapper dinner at The Baths

Moon rising over The Baths

Getting in kayak without tipping over

We made it in

And away we go

And we made it back

A starter mega-yacht in Leverick Bay

Before Michael Beans at Jumbie's Leverick Bay

Michael beans blowing the conch to announce the start of the show.

Michale Beans At Leverick Bay

Getting into the shaker

Up front after answering a pirate question

Autographing the t-shirt

Toes in the sand

Cow Wreck Beach on Anegada

Good advice

Bar at Cow Wreck Beach

View from Cow Wreck Beach

Way in the distance there were pink flamingos

There is only one settlement on Anegada, appropriately named The Settlement

The Government building

Bust of the founding legislator of the BVI

Church in Anegada

School on Anegada

Putting fresh lobster in holding pen at Loblolly Beach Anegada

Snapper just caught with a hand line off the beach at Loblolly

View from our lunch table at Loblolly

View the other way from the lunch table at Loblolly

Ready for lunch

Mickey relaxing after lunch at Loblolly

Loblolly Beach Anegada

Loblolly Beach Anegada

Loblolly Beach Anegada

Loblolly Beach Anegada

Our future dinner at Anegada

Before dinner at Anegada

Anegada sunset

Self portrait at Marina Cay

Karen, Mickey, Debbie, and Steve (l-r) at Marina Cay

Eric Stone at Marina Cay

Eric Stone at Marina Cay

Eric Stone at Marina Cay

Corsair's on Jost Van Dyke

Sign from near where I grew up in NY State

Great Harbor

White Bay, Jost Van Dyke

Soggy Dollar Bar, White Sound, Jost Van Dyke

Happy man at Soggy Dollar Bar

Puerto Rican Navy was out in full force

Toes in the sand

The gang at Soggy Dollar

Dinner at Foxy's

Trunk Bay St. John

Looking to St. Thomas from Trunk Bay St. John

Barb's new best friend - a Kindle

Arriving Cruz Bay, St. John

Huge iguana in Cruz Bay

Will they let us out of Customs jail?

Boat aground? Call it a billboard.

Wandering Dolphin, Capt. Tofer's boat


and below

Camper on beach at Honeymoon Bay

Dinner before

and after

A toast to a wonderful cruise

Capt. Tofer and his wife Becky

Bye bye Sweetest Thing

Guard dog Sam at Miller Manor