Canyon Lake

Canyons north of Canyon Lake

Narrow dirt road

Looking back on where we came from

Apache Lake

Roosevelt Dam

Roosevelt Dam

Bridge at Roosevelt Dam

Sunset from Kevin & Amanda's in Scottsdale

Our view from Corporate RV area

Our view from Corporate RV area

Our view from Corporate RV area

Budwieser Hitch

Pace laps

Ready to start

View from my son's backyard

Prescott Meadery

Bus at my son's house

North to Jerome from top of Mingus Mtn.

Single cylinder saw mill

Lots of old equipment

Old dentist's office

Old trucks


Pedro the donkey

Building full of old stuff

The signs don't lie. This little SOB bit me

International Harvestor truck

A few restored Studebakers

60 Studebaker police car


Mine shaft entrance

A couple of Fords in a world of Studebakers

Old three wheeler

Lots of old equipment

The Other Woman

Guess he's not an environmentalist

Old motorcycle

Don Robertson, my son, and the Studebaker race car

Restored Nash tow truck

Approaching Flagstaff

Black Bart's RV park Flagstaff

Chris Jr., Monica, Barb, me

Sedona red rocks

Who put that rock on top?

Devil's Bridge from below

Jr. on top of Devil's Bridge

View north from Jerome

Roadrunner ourside bus at my son's

Dinner after hiking