We visited the Nautilus Museum in Groton, CT

Who knew Barb had a submarine named after her?

And this flag flew from the Barb.

Lunch at a cool Irish pub in New London

What's been there longer? The building or the traffic light?

They were proud of their Funny Farm in CT

Mystic Seaport never gets old

The Charles W. Morgan almost finished with major refit

Putting finishing touches on Charles W. Morgan refit

I should have had this wheel in MoonSail

Putting finishing touches on Charles W. Morgan refit

You had to be short back in the day

Modern plumbing and firefighting equipment required in refit

It takes a lot of trees to keep old wooden ships going

A lot more lines than we had on MoonSail

Inside the original crew sphere from Alvin the deep diving submersible

Gloucester fishing docks

Modern windmills amongst historic Gloucester

Inner harbor Rockport, MA

Inner harbor in Rockport, MA

All these moorings will be full for the season a couple weeks later

While waiting for lift bridge we figured out we were headed the wrong way and made U-turn

Bar Harbor, ME

Bar Harbor, ME

Even cruise ships find Bar Harbor, ME

Bar Harbor, ME

Bar Harbor, ME

Fiddleheads. Ferns about to open, havested and eaten in salads. Who knew?

The tide changes make some fast running water in "races" between islands

Example of how large the tides are in Maine

A famous sailboat builder

A few steps down to Bass Harbor Light

Bass Harbor light

One of the vintage Bentleys on a rally

One of the vintage Bentleys on a rally

One of the vintage Bentleys on a rally

One of the vintage Bentleys on a rally

Seal Cove car museum. This steam car had just arrived.

Seal Cove car museum.

Seal Cove car museum.

Seal Cove car museum.

Seal Cove car museum.

Thunder Hole from above

Wave crashing into Thunder Hole

Typical Maine coast

Bridge with holes for road and bike paths

Low tide in Stoneington

Low tide in Stoneington

Lobster season was soon to open

Maine Maritime Academy, Castine, ME

Castine, ME

Frenchman's Bay

Rocky shore at Schoodic Point

Interesting seams of black rock at Schoodic Point

Don't jump!

Schoodic Educational Research Center

Penobscot narrows Bridge

Penobscot narrows Bridge

Timberland Camp in NH

Canoers on Androscroggin River NH

Moose at LL Cote store

Platic moose at mini-golf place

Moose statue in Gorham, NH

Finally a REAL moose

Lower falls near Dixville Notch

Selfie at upper falls at Dixville notch to prove I got there

Dixville Notch is always the first voting precint to report in presidential eletions

The whole town gathers here to vote. Not too shabby

One of many covered bridges

Another covered bridge

Another covered bridge

Railroad museum Gorham, NH

Railroad Museum Gorham, NH

Railroad snow plow

Top of Glen Ellis Falls

Glen Ellis Falls from bottom

Montpelier, capitol of VT

Ben & Jerry's entrance

Ben & Jerry's welcoming committee

Raw materials for ice cream

Ben & Jerry's flavor wall

I agree

The Ben & Jerry's flavor graveyard

All the "retired" flavors have a headstone here

Texas Falls in VT

Texas Falls

Texas Falls

What sign?

That's a tenacious flower

Glen Falls, VT

With old friend Peter

Peter's farm near Berlin, VT

Cider Mill

Pumping chopped apples into press

Ready to start pressing

Pressing underway

Modern meets antique

Entrance to Mt. Equinox

Overlooking monestary near Mt. Equinox

Top of Mt. Equinox

View from top of Mt. Equinox

Big critters eat the wooden signs

This one must have tasted extra good

Bennington moose

Bennington VT museum

There's something very disturbing about this statue

Chocolate moose (not mousse)

And they're married

Chipmunk in camp

Rainy evening in the bus

We really can seat 6 for dinner

Around the campfire on the Battenkill

Camping on the Battenkill VT

Linda & Denny's Trailmaster

My brother's Class C

Barb's cousin's farm

View out the windshield at Barb's cousin's farm

Barb's cousin's farm

First day camping at Kentucky Speedway

Camped pretty close to track

Statue of Darrell Waltrip

Entrance to our campground. Home on Bourbon Street

Camp filling up on Friday

Main entrance

Our seats at KYS

Cute UPS truck

Oscar Meyer weiner mobile

Sandcastle at KYS

National anthem before Sprint race

Sprint race underway